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    Interested in “Number”

    We started playing about numbers little by little by using what I have at home. The interesting came from “Thomas Train”. She showed interest in the car body number of them. So, we often play “stone carrying game” using Thomas cards, numeral puzzles and  stones which......

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    What you can do from a book

    We borrowed this picture book at the end of January when still cold days. It is a book about making snowman. Papa Snowman, Mama-snowman, girl snowman and even baby snowman, and it shows us to decorate with various materials. After reading the book, we decided to......

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    Burning the object right after the completion

    An art event took place in Bluff town on winter solstice, December 21st, 2016 by the local artist Joe Pachak. This year, he designed and build over 30 feet tall two great blue herons.   The object is made of local plants like silver grass, sage......

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Self-build on the problem

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Book mark “MAnaBUDACHI”

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Ski man shelf

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Net zero exhibition

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Shoes light

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web design for all hand made flute maker

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Website for Japanese master of plaster