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    guests from Australia

    Two young architects from Australia came to Bluff. Their theme of this USA trip are “soil” and “design build”, and that reason why they came to us.  Both of us introduced what we’re doing in each country, and we founds many same philosophy for design......

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    honer to be here

    Last weekend, we had a ceremony for the completion of a memorial project. This was designed to remember a female DBB student who has past away when she was young. We worked this project with students of Tokyo metropolitan University.  It designed well with Japanese......

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    Interested in “Number”

    We started playing about numbers little by little by using what I have at home. The interesting came from “Thomas Train”. She showed interest in the car body number of them. So, we often play “stone carrying game” using Thomas cards, numeral puzzles and  stones which......

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In Architecture

Self-build on the problem

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Book mark “MAnaBUDACHI”

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Ski man shelf

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Net zero exhibition

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Shoes light

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web design for all hand made flute maker

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Website for Japanese master of plaster