Burning the object right after the completion

An art event took place in Bluff town on winter solstice, December 21st, 2016 by the local artist Joe Pachak. This year, he designed and build over 30 feet tall two great blue herons.



The object is made of local plants like silver grass, sage and bamboo.

Bamboo for beak and wings.  Silver grass and Winter fat for head feather. Sage for feather. Willow for legs.


Left: Sage. Middle: Sand sage. Right: Winter fat.



He started to build at the middle of October. It took 71 days to complete. 50 volunteers helped to build this object. The neck felt down by wind three times. The construction is one right on time on the art event. If I were the artist I made the neck shorter. As I respected great guts of local people, I helped them to build the object as a volunteer.


We made the neck by re-bar. I’m putting silver grass onto the re-bar.



In the morning of the winter solstice, we celebrated the sunrise by doing yoga.


In the afternoon, the artist Joe invited the local people to celebrate the winter solstice. We enjoyed the dinner with local people and the people who lived in this Bluff town 35 years ago.

We arrived at the event place at 7pm.


Neighbor said “Today is perfect day to celebrate the winter solstice. It is most beautifle day”. I should think over the life with this beautiful nature in this town carefully. It is very nice winter sostice.



We recognized the warmness and lightness of fire.



Nest morning, it is heavy snow. It is very quiet morning. Good contrast from last night event.




The beautiful thing of cycle of nature is what I learn when I helped them.



At first, the event day is based on natural phenomenon. It is good experience for me to work without non- man-made calendar like weekly event.

We felt the plants with five senses like how it smells, how hard it is, how beautiful the color is and where they grow. I could have a time to recognize the beauty next to me all the time that I did not notice in daily life.

It took only 30 mins to burn the object to the ground that we spend so much energy and time. I’m impressed the art that does not exist to to let people think any object will not last forever.

He used the natural materials as much as possible, made the object what disappeared right after the completion. Natural materials, no place and time to maintain, feeling of nature, letting people to think what is nature. It is very Eco Art. I have never thought this, because I always think how to make architecture last longer as instructor and designer.


Next day, Joe came visit to us. He brought meat of elk as a gift and he said he shoot the elk that we we ate for the dinner.



Well, I have to research how to make delicious elk hamburger.

Of cause, after we eat the meat, the gift will disappear…




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