What you can do from a book

We borrowed this picture book at the end of January when still cold days.


It is a book about making snowman. Papa Snowman, Mama-snowman, girl snowman and even baby snowman, and it shows us to decorate with various materials. After reading the book, we decided to have crafting time. It’s also good practice of scissors for my kid. I pulled out a lot of things that I could decorate from my drawer. After for a while, she made a wonderful snowman than I expected.



And later, when we traveled to a ski resort Telluride, Colorado, where was about three hours away, we made an actual snowman.


I’m not sure how many sensations are accumulated in children by repeating same things wit different ways, as book, craft and actual experiences. However, I wish if she find some fascination from these experiences.

I think book is one of the best tool to make 1st step for everything.  If kid has no idea about some first experience, she will just ask me “Mom, please do it for me.” with no challenge. However she will say ” I want to do it” for the experience in books.

That why I like to read the book for them and actually, it’s good English lesson for me,too.

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