Interested in “Number”

We started playing about numbers little by little by using what I have at home. The interesting came from “Thomas Train”. She showed interest in the car body number of them.

So, we often play “stone carrying game” using Thomas cards, numeral puzzles and  stones which we picked up by our house.  She has not reached 6 until now, but enjoying.


We also play “picnic” with similar tools. She looks not enough to put only stones, so she also wants to set up some food for her friends .


I used toilet paper roll for this, she can put the labeled number sticks in it.


This is the best favorite “Weather Check Game”. It is a game to guess the date number with the calendar and press the stamp of the weather of the day.  As one of the routines in the morning,  she does it almost every day.


This is ” Clams Trumps” we use the rest of the clams that we ate. It is a  shell which almost went to compost, but I know it’s not so easy to find the clams in this desert and it is very beautiful. So, I decided to write a number to the back and make it a toy.  Now I’m curious when she can arrange them in order?


The good things for making toy by using what I have at home

: We can play the game, Immediately when we want.

: We can also enjoy making processes together

: Even if a child does not have interesting for the toy, I don’t feel sorry, because it’s free.

Children can concentrate very short time and it is almost impossible for them to play like the parents expect. So it’s very good and casual to play with handmade toy. 

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