honer to be here

Last weekend, we had a ceremony for the completion of a memorial project. This was designed to remember a female DBB student who has past away when she was young. We worked this project with students of Tokyo metropolitan University.  It designed well with Japanese and Navajo cultures, and express life and death with light and shadow. All of participating in the party celebrated the completion with tears and smiles. It was beautiful.

IMG_1336 IMG_1337

Our daily work is not spectacular at all, it is very plain. Especially when I’m in negative emotions and be lit by the strong sunshine, surrounded by the magnificent scenery, surrounded by a quiet time….I feel my presence is very small. Sometime, I wonder what I am doing in here.

However, fortunately, I could see the clients are crying for the happiness, we could receive gratitude letters from the students who left us and I could get back confidence for myself. I should never forget, the experience that we’re providing in here can change their life. The process for the preparation may not be spectacular, but we’re honer to be here.


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