Little happiness through advent calendar

As I grew up in Japan, the new year day is more important for me rather than Christmas. The new year day is the biggest holiday for our Japanese. Of course we do celebrate Christmas but it’s not religious way and it’s not official holiday as in here.

It means, December was a kind of preparation term for the coming new year holiday for me. We keep us busy to finish the job before the new year and a lot of preparation for the biggest holiday. However, after I moved to USA, I knew there are so many fun events in December. I would like to be more relax and enjoy December itself, especially with kids.

So, this year, I started to have an advent calendar. I knew this one from my favorite website. It’s simple, good design and easy to prepare.

We’ve opened about half now, but we’re enjoying it very much. The good things to me, there is so many good ideas to have fun activity with kids. Actually I’ve never done the most of the activities and I’m learning the western culture through this calendar.

you can print this advent calendar from here.


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