Craft nights

This fall, I had to stay home with our sweet newborn baby every night. The night was long when the baby was sleeping, so we started to do some craft time every night. As much as possible, I tried to make something instead of buying.  I’m so happy to have such creative night with family.

However, it’s not easy to let her create on her own…, because I often stick into her doing. Then I discovered I should watch her eyes, not the crafting objects. I could focus her curiosity even she ruined the object.


Muddy after school

We had a muddy after school program with the kids in Bluff elementary school. We mixed and plastered the natural material by hands on the earth bench. We made the bench about a year ago, but it’s getting damage by exposing to the weather. It’s necessary to maintenance the natural plaster at outside, but also it’s great opportunity for the fun and education. And it’s very safe (no chemical) !


Beautiful nature from

It made me surprised how beauty it is.

It was snowy day in this weekend and snow turned to rain and we got a sunny day. When I looked down the feet, I found this pattern. I wish if I can make such beautiful things… I respect the beauty of nature.


Recycle Crafts for kids in your kitchen room

I would like to share some very easy hand made toys. It’s recycle crafts to use yogurt container lids. It’s very easy to make and useful, my daughter plays with them always when I cook.

magnet toys on a refrigerator

magnet toys on a refrigerator

1 Cutting out your kid’s favorite images from some magazine. I love to use WWF journal, their images always so nice.

2 Stick the images into the lids

3 Stick some magnet on the other side. That’s it !

recycle crafts with baby wipes

recycle crafts with baby wipes

This is the other idea for refrigerator toy. It’s recycle craft with baby wipes lids, it’s Peek-a-boo house. I hide our family photo’s in it, and she love to open to see their faces. It’s very good way to remember her the family faces !



Have a great year 2016

A happy new year


This is my 2nd year to make OSECHI (Traditional Japanese New Year meals) in America. I tried to produce the characteristic atmosphere of Japanese new year, but it was difficult at here.

So far I made a new year wreath with some branched from our yard, paper and felt balls. I hope some Japanese think it is a SHIMENAWA.

For the year 2016, I want to focus dairy happiness in general life. I love to travel somewhere and it’s always so exciting, but I would like to cherish everyday.