Birthday & Baby shower PARTY !

We had a Birthday & Baby shower Party with neighbors. It is a great way to celebrate the birth of kids to make a beautiful bunting.


Now in Japan, I think it’s very rare to gather many generation. For example, if it’s kids party we an see the neighbor  kids & parents, but not neighbor teenager & elders. However, at here it’s very common style to gather all of the generation. It is one of the best thing to live this small town. I love it.


Also I was surprised that everyone brought some presents for our kids, even the short notice. I’m sure it’s not easy to prepare or buy something at this rural area, because there is no shopping mall and no quick online shopping delivery. So I imagine it’s very common to stock some gift or rapping things in the house. It means there is gift custom in US. I think it is also big difference between US and Japan.


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